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Where I have worked

FPA Chief Executive. FPA promotes the sexual health of people of all ages across the UK.  As Chief Executive for twelve years, I rescued FPA from a long period of decline and built it into the leading UK sexual organisation. 

National Children’s Bureau Director of Information and Public Affairs and Company Secretary.  NCB is the leading national charity which advances the well-being of children and young people across every aspect of their lives.

Amnesty International, International Secretariat, Head of Finance and Administration.   
The International Secretariat is responsible for the majority of Amnesty International’s research and leads its campaigning work throughout the world.

My charity trusteeships
Family and Parenting Institute. FPI works to make the UK a better place for families and children.
Galapagos Conservation Trust. The UK Charity that raises funds and awareness for the Galapagos Islands.
Pharmacy Healthcare Scheme which promoted health education through retail pharmacies.
Children’s Rights Development Unit (now the Children’s Rights Alliance) established in 1991 to promote children’s rights in the UK.
Day Care Trust, founded in 1986, to promote high quality affordable childcare for all.
Brook, the national voluntary sector provider of free and confidential sexual health advice as well as services specifically for young people under 25.
Collaborative Groups I’ve set up
Founded in 1990, the National Play Council, a broad alliance of children’s and play organisations, developed the Charter for Children’s Play and in 2006 established Play England with a £15million grant from the Big Lottery Fund.

Collaborative Groups I’ve set up and chaired
The Sex Education Forum is the national authority on Sex and Relationships Education.  It works to ensure that all children and young people receive good sex and relationships education. It brings together over 50 member organisations and 500 practitioners across health, education, faith, disability and children's organisations to influence public policy and develop good practice.  

The Drug Education Forum is a grouping of national organisations committed to improving the practice and profile of drug education in England.
The Common Agenda Group for Public Health played a key role in raising public health policy from being of low priority with little funding nationally and locally to being a vital part of modern health policy.
Together with the Terrence Higgins Trust, established the Sexual Health Organisations Group bringing together the five main national sexual health organisations to maximise their impact on national policy making.

My membership of National Advisory Bodies

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Independent Advisory Group on Sexual Health and HIV – Vice Chair
Independent Advisory Group on Teenage Pregnancy – Member
These two Groups were set-up by the Labour Government to advise it on implementation of the Sexual Health and HIV and the Teenage Pregnancy Strategies.
Women’s National Commission – Commissioner
Established by the Conservative Government in 1969 to advise it on matters of concern to women but sadly abolished by the Coalition Government in 2010.
National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence – Chair of two Programme Development Groups in the Public Health Programme.
These groups make recommendations for policy and practice based on a critical appraisal of research evidence and best practice.
My public sector appointments
Islington Clinical Commissioning Group – Vice Chair and Chair of Audit
The Islington Clinical Commissioning Group’s work focuses on improving the health of people in Islington, reducing health inequalities and improving patients’ experience of health services by commissioning high quality health services to meet the needs of the local population, using resources as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Islington Health and Wellbeing Board – Member
The Health and Wellbeing Board is a joint committee of Islington Council and the Islington Clinical Commissioning Group.  It coordinates collaboration between the two bodies and agrees the priorities for improving health and wellbeing In Islington.

North Central London PCT Cluster – Vice Chair for Islington PCT and non-executive
of Haringey PCT, Chair of Financial Recovery Committee

Islington Primary Care Trust – Non-Executive Director and Chair of Audit

General Medical Council – Council Member
The GMC regulates doctors in the UK. This involves setting standards for professional practice and defining the scope and nature of medical education, maintaining the register of doctors and ensuring that only those doctors that are fit to practise are on the register. 

UK Revalidation Programme Board – Member
The Board oversaw the development of the processes for the revalidation of all doctors in the UK every five years, which began in December 2012.
My commercial experience
Pinter Publishers Ltd, Academic and Professional publisher – Chairman
FP Sales Ltd, Medical Supplies Wholesaler – Chairman.

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