Anne Weyman experience

The Family Planning Association
Rescuing FPA from terminal decline, building it into the UK’s leading sexual health organisation and authoritative voice for sexual health with policy makers and the media, with a strong staff team and robust finances. 

Prime Minister Rt Hon Tony Blair’s support for FPA in 2005
 "I am delighted to be given this opportunity to add my voice to those supporting FPA on 75 years of valuable work.  This country has seen enormous cultural and social changes since 1930 but the work of FPA remains as vital as ever.  The organisation’s dedication to improving sexual health through education and campaigning provides essential support to the Government’s sexual health and teenage pregnancy strategies.  I hope that FPA’s contribution will continue for many years to come."
Andrew Lansley, CBE MP Shadow Health Secretary in 2005
Secretary of State
"The human, social and economic cost of failing to promote good sexual health is serious.  I congratulate FPA for its efforts over the last 75 years in tacking the growing incidence of sexually transmitted infection, and for its work in providing information to promote good sexual health.  In doing so FPA has contributed greatly to the wellbeing of the nation and has helped individuals take responsibility for their health."

The National Children’s Bureau
Led the transformation of NCB from an ivory tower research organisation to a major influencer of public policy for children and the broadening of its work in health, education and children’s wellbeing.
Umbrella Bodies
Established and obtained funding for key umbrella bodies, the Sex Education Forum, the Drug Education Forum and the Play Council.

Office of the Year

Amnesty International
Led the purchase and conversion of Amnesty International’s current International headquarters building in London, winning the Office of the Year award.

It is a supreme example of what can be achieved with a limited budget by the right architect coupled with an enthusiastic and articulate client. 


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